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The Society of Half-Glassed Thinking is for people who want to practice thinking positively.

You know about the question about the glass. Is it half full or half empty? The way you look at it seems to say something about your attitude toward life. Thinking positively means seeing the glass as half full--and being thankful that it is!

"Thinking positively" is not the same as "positive thinking." Positive thinking usually means that if you can imagine it and believe in it, you can do it. I happen to think that is wrong.

Thinking positively maintaining a positive attitude, seeing the glass as half full, focusing on the upside. It doesn't mean you expect to have no problems. It means that you focus on the positive, even when you find yourself in a difficult situation.

After all, I've learned a lot about this during an extended time of unemployment and family challenges. I wouldn't wish my circumstances on anyone, but I've learned a lot. As Pittsburgh area counselor Ginger Stage says, "If you've got to go through something awful, don't miss the goodies," that is, make the most of the positive things you can learn.

That's not foolish--it's half-fullish!

So, welcome. Look around. And please come back. I'll post more content as I have time and something worth your while.

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